The Anderson family is an original owner of Golden Eagle Herbal Chew and have operated Coltsfoot, Inc. since 1984.
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"I never chewed or dipped but I'm tired of chewing gum and wanted and alternative. The Hibiscus-ginger - Red Label hit the spot. I grab some after lunch in the office to freshen the breath and weekends while doing chores outside. Thanx for a great product!".

Steve M, Austin , TX

"I just opened my four pack I have been dipping Socal for five years. This stuff is great had mint snuff, this stuff blows it away its like Scoal. Will be ordering again its safe dip. Thanks" .

Retireddawg , Northern New Jersey

"It is not an exaggeration to say Golden Eagle Herbal Chew saved my life. It tastes exactly like dip. I have been tobacco and nicotine free for over a year now."

P.B Birmingham, Alabama

"I used to smoke and chew tobacco and Golden Eagle Herbal Chew satisfies the craving, even though it's non-tobacco, and has no nicotine."

J. R, Dixin, California

"I just received my first order and am trying it for the first time.... Taste is similar, feels the same... hmmmmm this may be good. I've been chewing since I was 14 and trying to quit since I was 15... this is ok, I'll keep trying it."

A friend at

"I have been using Golden Eagle Herbal Chew for three years and have found it to be a satisfying alternative to chewing tobacco and snuff. Not only are the health hazards removed, but Golden Eagle satisfies my taste needs and eliminates the necessity of the proverbial snuff cup. I operate a baseball organization that runs tournaments - Players continually ask if we are going to have the (Golden Eagle) Herbal Chew available at our events. Overall, I have found this to be an excellent product with good flavor choices - I would highly recommend it to anyone." 

Tom, Roy Hobbs Baseball, Akron, OH

"Just wanted to tell all of you THANK YOU! I recently learned of Golden Eagle from a good friend of mine that used your product to stop dipping, and thus far he has been successful in doing so. I started smoking when I was 18 and began dipping when I was 19 to quit smoking. I am now 26 and through my friend have been using your Cinnamon Chew to help curb my habit. Just yesterday I received my very own order from ya'll of 40 cans. Your product is well on its way to changing my life back to a healthy productive lifestyle. I can't thank you enough for what ya'll do."
Beyond Satisfied Customer!!

Joshua Y

"I quit smoking by using dip and then could not get off the tobacco! I found your web site & thought I would at least try it, nothing could be as bad as the last one that was a waxy lump that went in the garbage as soon as I tried it! I am so happy to say that in two weeks I was totally off tobacco and without hardly any withdrawal symptoms. Thank you soooo much" 


"My husband has been chewing tobacco for 30 years. He's tried many other none tobacco brands and until he tried your product he kept going back to the Copenhagen brand. As of our first order from you, he will not chew any other brand but yours, HE'S HOOKED, and loves it. Your awesome and you have a customer for as long as he wants to chew." 

Mona W

" I'm in the Canadian Forces based out of CFB Shilo, Manitoba, Canada and have been chewing since 1997, being 36 yrs old its starting to bother me and my children are bugging me to stop. So I Cinnamon flavor and WOW. What a change. I think I have found a way to stop Chewing for good." 

Mike W, Manitoba, Canada

"I've been a "Granger Select" for many years. After trying your product it's time to say "Good bye" to "G.S.". It's the best taste I have ever had without tobacco and nicotine. Keep up the good work". 


"I chewed tobacco for many years until my dentist found a lump under my chin. I quit tobacco but still missed chewing. When I found Golden Eagle in a health food store, I was again happy to be chewing without the fear of cancer.... I have a hard time finding Licorice Mint, that's why I am ordering on-line. Thank you for a product that I can safely chew and enjoy."

Dave M, Snowflake, AZ

"Just wanted to thank you for providing your product which has helped me to quit a 20 year old habit, I really enjoy it. Thanks." 

Brian J, Willmington, OH

Great product. I quit Kodiak 2 months ago for the 8th time. It's the only tobacco I like. I tried your product and to my surprise, I love it. Like the ginger, Love the licorice and am ordering the cinnamon to try that. Thanks a million, I'm sure I can stay off the tobacco now!"


"Hi, I've been using snuff for 35 years and I just tried your product... I like your chew better than my tobacco chew! I'm mixing and weaning off for a month or two, but I like the taste without anything else in it...."


"Hello, I gotta tell ya, I decided to quit once again my old habit of dipping. On again, off again, it was the same old story. Found your web site while surfing the net one Sunday morning. Ordered the variety pack. Within 4 days I had my order. Thus far I have stopped my tobacco dipping cold turkey. Your herbal chew is a fantastic alterative and have recommended your product to several co-workers who have found your product just as enjoyable as I have. Of course, this leaves me with only two tins left out of the five. Rest assure you'll be getting another order from me soon. Thank you for producing & providing such a wonderful, safe, & healthy product. With My Compliments,"

J.M. F, Waretown, NJ

"I was able to quit tobacco by first mixing your product in stages and upping the mint to tobacco ratio. Needless to say, Golden Eagle tastes MUCH better and handles SO MUCH BETTER than any other non-tobacco product out there (the "other stuff" was WAY too sticky ad gooey)! Did I mention it also TASTES much better? I really like the wintergreen, but maybe I'll try the others sometime. Meanwhile, keep up the good work!!!" 

James G. P, NYC, NY

I am a recently reformed Red Man addict and just had to have some kind of replacement for my beloved chew.... so I ordered 4 cans of your golden eagle chew (snuff) in desperation. Well, they arrived in the mail and I'll have to say I am very pleasantly surprised on how good the "straight" product tastes and lasts.

Cavin B, Charlotte, NC

"The appreciate your product as its helping me get off of tobacco as I use a small amount of chew with your herbal chew and it works real well you have a great product." 

Gene M, St. John, WA

"Golden Eagle may have saved my life! I really appreciate Golden Eagle chew, I have dipped this herbal chew now for about 7 years, before that, was Skoal & Kodiak. I have been to the specialist with all the pre-cancerous sores. I believe I quit tobacco just in time, besides I have high blood pressure and Golden Eagle is good for that. Thanks A lot. 

J. W & Rayna B