The Anderson family is an original owner of Golden Eagle Herbal Chew and have operated Coltsfoot, Inc. since 1984.
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Wintergreen (Green Label)

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Our most popular flavor, for those who want an alternative to winter-green snuff.

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"Just wanted to tell all of you THANK YOU! I recently learned of Golden Eagle from a good friend of mine that used your product to stop dipping, and thus far he has been successful in doing so. I started smoking when I was 18 and began dipping when I was 19 to quit smoking. I am now 26 and through my friend have been using your Cinnamon Chew to help curb my habit. Just yesterday I received my very own order from ya'll of 40 cans. Your product is well on its way to changing my life back to a healthy productive lifestyle. I can't thank you enough for what ya'll do."
Beyond Satisfied Customer!!

Joshua Y

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