The Anderson family is an original owner of Golden Eagle Herbal Chew and have operated Coltsfoot, Inc. since 1984.
Coltsfoot, Inc.P.O Box 5205 Grants Pass, OR 97528
+1(541) 476-8267, +1(800) 736-8749
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Individual cans of our herbal chews.

Unit size: 1.2 - oz. (34g)
Servings: 20 servings per unit = 1.7g per serving
Suggested use: not to exceed 10 servings per day
Not to be used during pregnancy


"Hello, I gotta tell ya, I decided to quit once again my old habit of dipping. On again, off again, it was the same old story. Found your web site while surfing the net one Sunday morning. Ordered the variety pack. Within 4 days I had my order. Thus far I have stopped my tobacco dipping cold turkey. Your herbal chew is a fantastic alterative and have recommended your product to several co-workers who have found your product just as enjoyable as I have. Of course, this leaves me with only two tins left out of the five. Rest assure you'll be getting another order from me soon. Thank you for producing & providing such a wonderful, safe, & healthy product. With My Compliments,"

J.M. F, Waretown, NJ

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